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Now that the summer vacations are over and we are all back to the daily grind. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get to know our Ponsonby team. 

Store Manager
You spend a lot of your day fitting customers with their perfect frames! Whats your personal favourite? My Antonio's. I get nothing but compliments when I wear them and the navy colour make my eyes pop!

Summer so far has been ridiculously hot! Whats your favourite part of NZ this time of year? Lonely Bay Cook's Beach. A light bush walk to absolute paradise. It's the best for a romantic day date or some much needed you time!!

After a long week at work wheres your go to spot in Ponsonby to let your hair down? Gone are the days of hitting clubs to all hours on a Saturday night for me. I am all about the Sunday drinks, which is why Chapel Bar is my absolute favourite. Espresso Martini's, old school bangers and amazing friends by your side - what more could a girl ask for!

Have you had time to make it to any festivals or concerts this summer? 
Northern Base! - It's not a kiwi summer without seeing Shapeshifter!!


Assistant Manager
You've been working with us for a while now Taylor, whats your all time favourite frame?  Reba in cookies and cream! This frame brightens up my life and vision! The amount of kind words I've had about it faaar out way compliments I've received on any other accessory ever! Reba sets me apart from the crowd and makes me feel oh so confident!

Its been a very hot start to the year! Whats you number one summer hot spot?
Headquarters on the viaduct! Sea, Sun, and Sangria! There is nothing like relaxing and having a few giggles while the ocean breeze hits me and beams off my favourite BN Sunnies!

Retail and coffee go hand in hand. Wheres your go to espresso bar? That has to be Bread and Butter cafe in Ponsonby central, the only thing smoother than their coffee is their hilarious early morning banter! If only we could all be that vivacious in the morning!

The social calendar is always chock a block this time of year! Have you been to any music festivals this summer? Oooh dont even get me started on Anderson Pak at spark arena! His zesty spice and funk stops for NO ONE, We need him to make a trip to us in Ponsonby because I can see him rocking the Aries frame in gold!

Now for the age old question... New Year, New You? Any resolutions for 2019?
Would love to shake up my outlook on life a weee bit and i think this can be best done by a good ole' dose of culture shock! So would LOVE to spend a week in india and then maybe complete the Inca trail in Machu Picchu and hang out with some Llamas. 

Ellen Sears
You spend a lot of time around our frames! Whats your all time favourite frame?
  It's got to be the Theodore in capri festival. Its a funky little number and to me looks like little speckles of colourful paint has be splashed across the top.

Its been a very hot start to the year! Whats you number one summer hot spot?
Teal Bay in Whangarei. I'll be honest it's no tropical hotspot but I have spent so many amazing summers there with family and friends that it holds such a special place in my heart. I think that beats a tropical paradise any day.

Ponsonby has a plethora of bars and eateries! Whats your pick of the bunch? 
Bedford and Soda. Amazing and sometimes dramatic cocktails and great food. I mean tater tots and gravy with some drinks who could want more.

Summer time is full of social events, concerts and festivals! Whats been your most memorable?  Not quite summer but only a month out, it was the Taylor Swift concert. That lady sure knows how to put on a show and even though it rained this somehow made it 10 times more of a memorable experience.

You've got an eye for all things "on trend". whats your favourite frame in the Bailey Nelson Collection? 
I would probably have to say one of our newer frames, 'cliff'. I just love the hexagonal shape and how they're just sized a little bit smaller. Perfect for summer time and all those festivals coming up!

Auckland is surrounded by beautiful beaches... where is your go to spot to get your tan on? I absolutely love Devonport! Going up North head on a lovely summers day is just awesome! Also a little road trip to Tawharanui doesn't hurt every once in a while.

Whether it be a night out on the dance floor or just dinner with friends, whats your go to places in Ponsonby? Cocoro would have to be my favourite restaurant in Ponsonby. Seriously the best Japanese you will find. lastly you cant go wrong with a little Friday and Sunday boogie at Chapel.

You're are probably BN NZ's biggest music fan! So we have to ask... whats been the best festival of the summer? I had an absolute blast down at RNV, the weather was perfect and getting to listen to bicep was insane! Super excited for Flamingo Pier coming up too, i mean yo cant go wrong with a gig on Waiheke Island?!

You've been working with us here in NZ for a while now, whats your favourite frame?
Jane in grey crystal and Reba as sunnies. I have a small head it seems haha and have never found stylish, on trend specs and that aren't from the kids section but these suit me! WOO!

Being from the UK NZ summer must be a fantastic change for you! Whats your No.1 Summer hotspot? 
ALL OF NZ! I feel very lucky to have a lovely long summer with sun and beaches that aren't all pebbly.

You're basically a Ponsonby local these days! What are you go to places to wine and dine? I love the vibe at Po Brothers such a great place to eat; and to drink... would have to be Hoppers! Such a social bar.

Now for the age old question... New Year, New You? Any resolutions for 2019?
Hmmmmmmmmm, I always make too many, but like heres my cute list: learn the piano, get back into drawing, get super buff that I can lift heavy things, learn a language and get better at swimming so I'm not too scared to surf and you've all stopped reading now so I'll stop writing...

Store Stylist
Girl you've got style! We are so curious to know what your favourite frame is in the vast BN collection is? Dustin in tort are my favourite! I love me some bold and really blunt square-shaped frames without it being too over the top. Simplicity with a subtle edge!

New Zealand has some rather beautiful summer spots. Whats your go to place to get your tan on? Philippines for sure! but local hotspot would be Kai Iwi Lakes in Dargaville! That little town really has left a special place in my heart, not only with the memories I've made with certain people, its the actual lake itself and the scenery! theres nothing a camp away hideout cannot heal!

We know you love to boogie! Wheres your go to on a night out?
Little Easy! Cant beat it. Good tunes, Good vibes and great people!

Bailey Nelson NZ Clinical Coach and Optometrist
You are a Bailey Nelson Ponsonby store original!!  You've been here since day 1 Shub. Whats your favourite frame of all time? So many!! I can't choose one - but If I must, I'd choose the Jane in dusty pink, Its super cute and everyone loves it on me!

NZ is in its prime this time of year! Where is your favourite place to relax? Just anywhere North of Auckland - A nice Bach near a private beach: relaxing, kayaking, paddle boating, swimming.
Now we officially two months in to 2019! How are those New Years resolutions going? I plan to Travel! Travel! Travel with my husband - we've had a nice weekend at the Hot water beach over the long weekend, Bali coming up in April and Europe in September to celebrate our birthdays/wedding - Honeymoon all year around!

Store Stylist
You spend a lot of time around our frames! Whats your all time favourite frame? If it came down to the optical frames, no doubt the Wells - you can never go wrong with simplicity. And in the sunnies, my eyes are 100% set on the Cliff! It just gives me Matrix vibes.

Have you had time to make it to any festivals or concerts this summer?
The closest I've been to a gig this season is 6lack - a couple months out, but maybe I'll try harder next year. Gal loves her rap though. I did see J.Cole in the summertime in Los Angeles however - does that count?

Tanning times are upon us! Wheres your go to?
Coromandal - nothing gets better than Matarangi for me and I miss that place so much.

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