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As of this week, Bailey Nelson is the new kid on the block. We are moving in and getting to know our new Cashel Street neighbours and thought we would put together a list of our favourite hot spots in the Christchurch CBD.

Hagley Park
Fancy a morning stroll through the most picturesque park New Zealand has to offer?

Situated in the heart of the city, Hagley Park is in its prime at this time of year! Golden leaves scatter the pavements, an abundance of well-kept flower beds embellish the park and a tranquil river gently stakes its claim through the centre of the city.

Dog lovers, this part of town is the place for you as our furry friends run free! What a zen way to start your day

Fat Eddie's
New Zealand's favourite jazz club Fat Eddie's, located just around the corner from our new store, has become our new favourite.

This is the perfect spot to grab an ice-cold drink and unwind. Nothing beats the sound of smooth jazz and with top musicians taking the stage, why not start your weekend off the right way?
Posh Porridge
Now, if you haven't heard of Posh Porridge before, you're welcome!
Growing up, most of us probably didn't have the most exciting relationship with this hot breakfast and most of the time, mum just didn't do it justice. Thankfully, we discovered Posh Porridge who have changed the porridge game and transformed this everyday breakfast into a decadent treat. Using a base of smooth, creamy Canterbury-grown oats, Posh Porridge elevates each bowl with a generous helping of homemade toppings, ranging from raspberry compote with white chocolate crumble to whiskey-soaked raisins and everything in between! 
It's easy to understand why people travel far and wide for this mouth-watering delight, and we highly recommend visiting their weekly pop-ups at

Rollickin Gelato
 - Wednesdays 8 am - 10.30am,
Lux Espresso - Thursdays from 7.30am - 10 am
Christchurch Farmers Market every Saturday.
Oh, and you'd better hurry, these scrumptious breakfast bowls sell out quick!
Little High Eatery 
One of Christchurch's most unique spaces to eat out, Little High Eatery, is a hub of local and family-run businesses based in a modern marketplace setting. Featuring international cuisines such as Ramen and sushi, handmade dumplings and bao buns, woodfire pizza, and bacon (lots of bacon) this is the best spot for a rumbling stomach! With plenty of shared seating, you can pick and choose your favourite foods and take advantage of their live music every Thursday night. This is the ultimate spot for your weekly date night!
 Inner City Tram Rides

Our favourite way to journey through the ever-changing centre of Christchurch is on board one of the beautiful and historic Trams. Since the earthquakes in 2011, the city has changed dramatically.

These beautifully restored heritage Trams combine history with sightseeing and stand as a nod to the city that once stood. 

The journey takes you to landmarks and local sights such as Cathedral Junction, the Gothic-style Arts Centre, the Avon River, the Canterbury Museum and New Regent Street. This slower mode of transport is an ideal way to explore the city.

Christchurch, thank you for welcoming us to your city centre! We are loving our new Cashel Street digs.

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