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As summer has well and truly arrived in New Zealand many of us have already, or are planning to hit up some of the epic festivals and concerts across the country. One of the names that is appearing on many of those line-ups is ‘Jupiter Project’. Of course for most of us this will conjure feelings of excitement as we look forward to getting down to ‘Temporary Love’. However, most may not know who the two guys that make up Jupiter Project are? Well luckily we have all the info for you!

We caught up with the 2 guys that make up this exciting musical collaboration, Gavin Correia and Marty Rich, over a few beverages at Bedford and Soda. First and foremost we found out that Gavin and Marty are awesome… We also touched on how they met, where the distinct sound of Jupiter Project came from, and some of the highlights of their career thus far.  

So first things first, introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about who you both are?

We're Gavin and Marty and together we're Jupiter Project. We're lucky enough to have been calling this music thing a job for a while now but we still love it and at the end of the day, we're just fans of music!


It's so important to remain true to the thing that makes you love it for the first time.

So you guys met while studying at university in Auckland, but we hear that neither of you were actually studying music?!

What’s the story? How did you guys come to play together and how did Jupiter Project first come to be?

Marty: That's true, neither of us have studied music but you don't really have to unless you're getting classical training. In today's world it's just about being creative and finding what it is that makes you and your music unique.

Gavin: How we met? I used to throw these big Law school parties and Marty used to always try and sneak in. So he'd be nice to me so I'd let him in. Some of our mutual friends had told me he was a producer so one time he tried to get in I was like - hey we should jam and he was like - ahhh yeahhhhh… and the rest is history!

How did the unique sound that is Jupiter Project come to be?

It was basically an accident. When we first started out, we both had very different styles and we kinda put them together and made something that was a combination of our styles as musicians. We thought it was pretty cool so we kept fine tuning it and experimenting. But that's probably the key to our success - taking risks and trying new things.


You guys seem to have taken off in the last few years, what’s been the highlight so far of this incredible journey?

There are so many highlights that you don't really realise until you stop and reflect but our music has taken us around the world so it's always a special moment when you get to experience different cultures and it's even better when they appreciate your music too!

But one of the highlights has to be when we played in Paris. It was such an awesome feeling playing in Paris to 10,000 people and having them sing the words along with us!

Aside from creating the awesome tunes that Jupiter Project are swiftly becoming known, you guys also produce tracks for other artists, how does this differ from creating your own music?

That's something we definitely used to do a lot more of in our earlier days and we still do from time to time but it just has to be the right fit. Now we're a lot more focused on our team and working with the artists we've signed to develop their sound and guide them in the songwriting process. I guess you could say we're a bit more picky now.

And these artists, are they all New Zealand based or from further afield? How do you find and decide if they are the right artists?

A lot of them have been great New Zealand artists but there's a few overseas based ones too. We do a lot of writing sessions overseas so we get to meet a lot of cool artists and their teams. Last year we wrote a song for a Grammy Nominated Producer which was pretty cool.

Lastly, what does the future hold for Jupiter Project?

We're really excited about 2018! We don't wanna spoil too much of the fun but let's just say you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more from us this year. And still working on a crystal ball that predicts the future but guess we'll have to keep waiting on that one!

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that and cannot wait to hear LOTS more from this incredible duo in this year!


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