Meet the Team Vol. 6

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Phuong is our superstar optometrist down in Adelaide, at the Rundle Mall boutique. Come for a whirl through 12 questions for volume 12 of our 'Meet the Team' series.

Phuong 1

BN: What are your passions outside work?

PT: I like keeping fit and love social activities that involve a little bit of outdoor exercise. I do aerial fit which is a lot of fun. I get to swing on silk through the ceiling and I do a bit of hiking here and there too.

BN: If you had to leave your house in a hurry and not come back, what three things would you take?

PT: My mobile phone and my passport. I’ve only got two – that’s it.

BN: A very practical answer. If you had to have a fictional character over for dinner, who would you pick?

PT: That’s a hard one. I reckon the flying carpet from Aladin. It’d be really cool. I’d be able to find out where he’s been, what he’s been up to. He could take me for a ride, too. 

BN: If you had to have a historical person come over for dinner, who would you pick?

PT: I’d actually probably invite my grandma who I’ve never met. She passed away before I was born.

BN: That’s a such a touching answer! On that note, what are you most grateful for in life? 

PT: Family and health.

BN: Are you optimistic about the world?

PT: Yeah, probably. Obviously there’s lots of stuff going on but if you just focus on what’s good around you, the people around you then you can be pretty optimistic. 

Phuong 2 BN: What’s your ideal outfit?

PT: Shorts, T-shirt and sneakers. Pretty boring I know!

BN:What’s your favourite happy movie?

PT: Happy feet.

BN: What’s your favourite sad movie?

Lion. It’s the new one with Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel. It’s happy-sad I suppose, but there’s a lot of tears going on in that movie. It’s a true story about an adopted boy from India who goes to discover his history.

BN: What’s the best present someone can give you?

PT: A holiday! I love travelling. I’m going to Nepal soon actually. Next month there’s an eye camp. I’ll be there for two weeks doing basic optometry because there isn’t much equipment available. We use old classrooms and letter charts, as well as our own retinoscope and opthalmoscope.

I’ve been a few times. I go with the same people, so it’ll be fantastic to see them all again. I’m visiting some of the same places that I’ve been to in the past too, so it’ll be good to see how it’s changed since I was there a few years ago.

I’ve got a day free so I might do a day hike in one of the trails. That should be really good. I did white water rafting and that was fun.

Phuong 3

BN: That sounds like an incredible trip, and really good work too. If you could change one thing about Adelaide, what would it be?

PT: The dry zone! I’d take out all the dry zones so that people could drink on the street. I’m so bad, but I love having a wine at the beach, but you can’t do that because it’s a dry zone. We have so many rules in Adelaide!

BN: If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

I’d say not to worry about what other people think and just go for it!

BN: Good advice! Thanks Phuong!

Photography by Sia Duff

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