Rose Quartz Collection: Horoscopes with Lexi Laphor

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By Lexi Laphor
This month is jam packed astrologically; so it’s the perfect time to call in Rose Quartz, which is a power stone for this time of year - just in time for Bailey Nelson’s new rose quartz range.

Rose quartz is solidified magma that takes millions of years to form. It can be traced back through many ancient civilizations and was harnessed as early as 600BC by the Assyrians. It was used in ancient Rome, Greek and Egyptian culture as a love and protection amulet as well as in tinctures and potions for beauty and anti-aging. Today, this power stone of the ages is most well known for its stunning pastel pink colour and as a stone of the heart.

Rose quartz is all about love and healing, so it’s the quintessential stone of self-love.

It summons compassion to strengthen and rebalance our connection with ourselves and our relationship with love. Where regular quartz is known as an amplifier, rose quartz only amplifies soothing and loving energies. This makes rose quartz the go-to for times where you feel out of touch or disconnected, unsure or unworthy. Rose quartz is the perfect stone for self empowerment and a great gift to help others kick off this new year in flow with abundance and self-belief.

Horoscopes: What’s in Store for your Sign 

Last week, we had a full moon in Leo with a total lunar eclipse. Like all full moons, there’s a build up of emotions that culminates in release. This release can be a dramatic occurrence or a welcome relief, but right now is especially intense because of the eclipse. Eclipses always mark a time of change for us and this combined with planets such as Uranus, Mars and Saturn at play mean we are in for a very full summer. Grab a rose quartz or a new pair of sunnies, as we shade ourselves from that which is not meant for us, and clarify and refocus our path for the new year!


Aries, it’s time to go off! I’d liken you to the Markova in rose quartz. You’re an introvert and an extrovert all at once. Bold and loving like these pink frames, you can also leave an air of mystery. Like Markova’s dark lenses, you assert a certain air of aloofness, building up intrigue and allure. You are known for your passion and impulsivity and people feel excited to be around you. It’s time to charge yourself up with the buzz of this full moon eclipse in a fellow fire sign and channel some self loving compassion and confidence.  Rose quartz is going to help you to really get fully out of the stagnated habits you’ve been in. Make an effort to acknowledge how incredibly dynamic you are and keep building up the effort to get out and about, meet new people and seize the new year. You deserve some fun and you will feel better for reconnecting with the wild and bolder aspects of your personality. It’s easy for you to fall into the pattern of looking outside for things to help shake up your life, but you must first stir up the pot of your own exuberance, as it’s your inner world that’s going to really amplify your outer world this next month and impact how it takes shape.


Taurus! This full moon eclipse brings you unknowns and surprise changes. Jupiter and Venus are here to help you see opportunities in even the most unpleasant feeling challenges, as well as to provide you with financial backups and alternatives. Adaptability is the challenge for the month ahead and you stand to gain so much! With every challenge that has come up and that is currently occuring, there are new found solutions. The sun shifting into Aquarius definitely helps illuminate possibilities you hadn’t foreseen, and you will be able to start envisioning huge pivots that you can make for your future.  Added to this are some heavy points of closure as Mars and Uranus in Aries help push you towards change with your 12th house of healing activated. Both your work life and home life are going to need reconfiguration, but you will feel more inspired now to start making change. By the end of March Taurus you’ll know where your angles are taking you. Like the Drew glasses, you’ll reframe using design of the past for an even more innovative looking future.  


Gemini, this month is looking good on you. You are akin to the new Cocoa coloured Homer shades. From the outside, things look easy breezy and effortless and soon things are going to feel that simple and elegant. It’s a time where you’ve achieved greater sense of peace and relaxation as you’ve been winding down from all that has been last year. Now, you are beginning to slowly gear up for the year that is ahead for you. Take with you your relaxed and calm mindset as you will be facing many shifts and making decisions that will help you set up a more intuitive, flowing and sustainable way of living. As the moon squares with Uranus and obligations and deadlines rear back up, do not let yourself be derailed. Keep your goals in mind and remember you are an ideas person. You can come up with flexible solutions and last minute back up plans better than most. You are able to roll with whatever is ahead, so continue to do so in your relaxed state keeping in focus your goals and passions. You will get to where you need to go if you can embrace the change the cosmos is ramping up and channel the self belief that rose quartz brings to focus on your own divine flow, avoiding getting swept up into other’s hurricanes.


Cancer, this is a time for you to practice being assertive and direct with those you encounter. You are like the Cliff glasses, powerful and present but adaptable to anything and anyone. You are usually hyper-intuitive and caring, but with Mars and Uranus right now, you may find it difficult to find a balance between bottling your thoughts and feelings right up or having them catch you off guard, completely escaping you. This is the time to practice finding and fine tuning the middle ground. You have the firm and wise influence of Saturn to help ground and guide you. You have everything that you need to help you pursue personal and professional growth and connection. In your personal relationships you will be able to start to shift dynamics for a healthier pattern and you may even find that you do an edit on your life and let some relationships go entirely.  Now is the time to meet new people, go to new events or places and to network. People will be drawn more than usual to your sense of integrity and ambition and will want get involved or help you in any way they can. Put yourself out there Cancer, this is your time for a go get ‘em attitude.


Leo, the next month has you looking just as good as the new Harper rose quartz glasses! Just off the tail of a full moon in your sign, this is a really great next month for you! It’s a time where Mars is entering Aries, so your passions and creativity are reignited and you are going to be able to express yourself and really shine. Going out shopping, dancing, to an art show or concert, meeting new people and going new places are all a big yes, but you also have Saturn making sure you enjoy yourself without blowing your budget. Saturn’s influence will help you to incorporate your fun loving and expressive side into a new more sustainable practice or structure. This eclipse wants you to be the bold and spirited being that you are. Your health comes into focus as you are urged to step out of your shadow side and into the foreground of your own life.  Call on rose quartz to help you really believe that you are worthy. You invest so much into others, but it’s time to invest in your own wellbeing.


Virgo, your clear vision and sense of who you are is always striking. Like the Carrie rose quartz frame, you just need to be encircled with a dash of rose quartz to believe in your own vision. With this recent eclipse and the sun soon to move into your house of organisation and wellness, your thoughts hold a lot of power. One of your greatest abilities is the way you are able to analyse information, focusing simultaneously on details and the bigger picture with absolute clarity as well as preparing for infinite possibilities or outcomes. Right now, it’s incredibly important that you try to focus your mind and energy on what you wish to generate, rather than worrying about what could happen or go wrong. Where you place your thoughts right now is going to be amplified, so manifest the best you can conceive for yourself. We aren’t suggesting rose coloured lenses, just rose coloured frames! Meditate on rose quartz let it link your minds vision and your hearts dreams. Let go of self doubts and what if’s and honour your ability to be more than you give yourself credit for.


This full moon eclipse is going to help give you the energy to focus on revamping your relationships both working and personal. With Uranus and Mars in Aries, comes a real sense of urgency to create more passion and connection in your life. Try if you can to be patient with yourself and others though, as rushed decisions or swift assumptions will tangle you in unnecessary conflict. Rest assured that you are going to be feeling much more creativity in March and projects and collaboration opportunities will be in abundance. This summer is the perfect time to re-launch yourself into a more social sphere and create new relationships. Don’t be surprised if some friendships come to a close at this time as there will be room for new people and energy to enter. Let your feelings and other people flow freely and be patient with your own progress. Your summer could be like the Theodore Windsor Rim frames in Strawberry Coral. While some would see rose coloured glasses as ignorance, you, Libra can see with bliss. Whether metaphorical or literal, wearing a rose tinted lens right now can help you to see each situation with more compassion, as just like rose quartz, you can attract and amplify beauty and abundance for your new year.  


Scorpio, it’s time to chill the eff out. Like out Leopold in cocoa, it’s time to relax shut out the world for a little and delve into yourself. With the sun just having entered Aquarius, embrace a change of pace as can slow down and sit back, taking the time to process all the progress you have made and a start at looking where it could next extend. Mars in Aries will fire up your impulses as you will want to exert control and power. You will be tempted to act super decisive or flex your assertive boss-like nature, but right now, it’s best to channel these surges into your intimate or exercise life and restrain from making too many decisions. This is only for this next month and especially concerning your career and projects. Play the long game letting Aquarius put a temporary hold on major decision making, as insights and opportunities will begin to take shape with some time. This year your most authentic self is to become more and more infused in everything that you do, as Uranus and Jupiter bless you with new and exciting shifts and alternatives.


Sagittarius! This year is your year of a fresh start and a chance to truly expand the horizons for this next chapter of your life! Jupiter (your ruling planet in charge of growth, luck, charisma and gifts) is visiting you, and only you, until December 2. This is so huge as it only happens once every 12 years, and this year will set in motion the tone for the next 12 year chapter of your life. January hasn’t been easy breezy, and this has been an attempt to help you face and fix what you’ve been avoiding and struggling with for years. This month, Saturn and Capricorn have been a stern hand in your affairs and your second house of money, material possessions as well as what money can’t buy like your talents, self esteem and value system. What has been revealed are all of your unhealthy emotional behavioural patterns and bad habits which will be weaved into all-  family, love and sense of self, but take the clearest shape in the way you spend and earn money. This is the universes final attempt to highlight what was not working and what could be! If you can ensure you own and learn from the past, then this year has so much goodness to flood you with. Whatever you have been avoiding has by now gone past the unavoidable and if you haven’t yet, you must really embrace Saturn and sort and close your last chapter. Use this huge full moon eclipse surge to create a plan with a timeline for all of the details you’ve still to get through. You are timeless like the Cocoa coloured Davis glasses, but don’t let yourself get stuck in the past. Keep on the details and get your affairs sorted so that you can get the most out of this special year and really set yourself up to see what the future could hold.


Capricorn, it’s your season! You are starting the new year with your ruler Saturn telling you it’s time to really let go of caring about what others think of you. Start to think instead, what do YOU care about and how do YOU feel? You need a dose of the Adler Windsor Rim frames in Havana Blue to block it all out and focus on your own vision. Try things for the experience of enjoyment and try things with the simple intent to be authentic. That’s enough, and so are you.  It’s time to let go of the attachment to a successful or practical process or outcome and it’s time to shake up how you’ve been viewing things and shift perspective. Embrace rose quartz and all of it’s soothing and expanding energy as it helps navigate and guide you through all the changes and emotions that this year has in store. Once you are able to be present in your feelings and your own vision can really expand and this year will be able to open up infinitely, as you see and experience change and emotion as ultimately expansive, rather than as a cave in!


Aquarius, this full moon eclipse is just the kind of surge you need! It’s in Leo and really reignites a fire in you to be more bolder and passion-filled than before. This is great because you have Uranus in Aries remaining until March 6th. Uranus has been stirring up your inner rebel and you are encouraged to connect and network with people who share your politics, values and interests. Align yourself with creative and just forces for a really dynamic and empowering next month. Your inner fire burning bright and it’s time to push for more self expression. You are like the Markova frame in rose quartz. You’re ready to really block out all the drabness and channel the connection and invigoration of rose quartz. Your priorities are sure to shift right now letting go of old stagnant situations and putting your time and focus into what helps you to feel full and alive. With the sun having just moved into your sign, you will be seeing what changes need to be made with a greater sense of optimism and clarity.


Pisces, you are one of the most flowing and intuitive signs of all, you embody rose quartz and the rose quartz inspired style, BronteNow is a time for that self belief and connectedness, now is the time that you must remember that you are always supported by the moon and the universe, even when you feel down, lost or lacking in direction. It’s been a bit of an unsettling time for you of late as you’ve been feeling heavy and unsure. Allow yourself to decompress from the year that’s behind you and give yourself permission to put down and detach from what has felt weighty. You have a fresh year ahead and anything is possible. The key here and now is cultivating your relationships with others. It’s time to network, and put your energy into friendships and community. Make new alliances and align yourself with positive and grounded forces. With more connection in your everyday you will begin to feel opportunities opening up and see the possibilities on the horizon. Harness the energy of rose quartz to reframe love in your life as you reap the beauty and rewards of loving and healthy friendships, connection and community in collaboration.

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