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Ash Holmes was destined to be a talented artist even before she arrived into the world some 25 years ago. With four generations of artists before her, she was expressing herself with paint before she could with words! Following in the footsteps of her gifted family, Ash has now transitioned her part time hobby into a full-time professional venture, creating larger than life artworks from her dreamy, light-filled studio in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
Starting out with locally commissioned pieces in 2012, Ash’s humble, down to earth nature and larger than life works have captured the attention of the world, now showcasing paintings beyond the Northern Beaches to California, Canada,  Spain  Denmark, and Dubai.
When Ash isn’t barefoot and covered in paint experimenting in her studio you’ll find her living the beaches-based lifestyle that most of us dream of, complete with ocean swims and getting amongst nature; the two places that she finds her inspiration. 
After chatting with Ash in her studio about her creations and plans for 2020, we made sure we tapped into her list of local hot spots to check out this summer.

Firstly, tell us a little about yourself, Ash!

Hey! I’m Ash Holmes, I’m 25 years old, and was born and currently living in Sydney on the beautiful Northern Beaches. I have been creating art since I can remember and have been practising art full time for three years now. I’m actually the fourth-generation artist in my family – this really helped me develop a technique and passion from early on with my art. I find that nature is really the strong source of inspiration in my work. I’m also really into film photography too!

How did you first get into painting? Can you share with us your journey as an artist?

I started painting when I was 3, my Mum was an Artist at the time, and I would often paint with her whilst she worked. Acrylic paint and large-scale surfaces quickly became my favourite mediums to work with about 4 years ago, and this really hasn’t changed since.

In the past 3 years I’ve been in multiple group shows, 4 solo shows and an international group show in Spain, where I have met so many different people. I absolutely love who I meet on my journey as an artist, and I’m really lucky to have made some lifelong connections to like-minded individuals along the way!

What inspires you most in your art?

Nature! The authentic colours and energy that nature provides us is what motivates me, and I like to replicate and communicate this in my own way. I find when I’ve spent time in nature or exploring varied landscapes around the world, I walk away full of inspiration that I then put to canvas!

What does a usual day look like for you?

It’s a rotating combination of the following; music, coffee, swimming, painting, photographing work, and time with loved ones. Pending on the day, maybe a Margarita or two, ha!

What do you feel is your biggest achievement to date as an artist?

For me it would be my recent solo show that I hosted in my Studio in Brookvale. I loved curating the open night and seeing all my loved ones in the one room. Showcasing my largest collection to date surrounded by supportive people! It was a night to remember and I’m happy that the majority of the pieces found their forever homes.

With 2020 just around the corner, any exciting plans?

There’s some exciting plans in the pipeline! I’m planning an Artist in Residency in Morocco for next year where I’ll be creating a body of work based around my journey and inspiration over there. I’m also involved in a show at Sydney Road Gallery, Sydney. 

What is it about the Northern Beaches that you're most in love with?

It would have to be the community support, the ocean and the creative opportunities at arm’s reach!

Can you share with us your favourite spots on the Northern Beaches for:


Cruise Espresso, Freshwater
Berkelo, Brookvale


    Belgrave, Manly
    Hugo’s, Manly
    Chica Bonita, Manly
    Sunset Sabi, Manly

      Beautiful wares, trinkets, treasures

      Bow + Arrow Store, Manly
      Mama + Papa, Avalon
      Monte Marte, Mosman
      The Independent, Manly

        Follow Ashleigh Homes on Instagram here and discover her artwork here.

        Website: Ashleigh Holmes 
        Photography: Ben Murphy

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