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The Bailey Nelson collection of women's sunglasses is designed for women who’ve set their sights on indefectible style and UV protection — no compromise. After all, you should never have to settle. We certainly haven’t. Created by our artisan designers, each piece in our selection has been made from the best materials available, and reflects the most current eyewear trends. Even better, the classic cool and visionary design of our sunglasses don’t just reflect but also create these eyewear trends.

Women from around the world can be seen sporting our sunglasses. From classic frames to hybrid creations to totally new looks. Our sunglasses are meant to not only shield your eyes with 100% UV protection, but enhance your style with equally visionary and timeless silhouettes. Reflecting the cool and classic confidence of the women who wear them, our sunglasses are a little slice of much deserved everyday luxury. And also like the women who wear them, our shades exude style that will still look incredible for years to come.