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When looking at the upcoming tastemakers of Sydney, Sophia Athas is certainly one to watch. With a distinctive style that radiates the makings of your dream Pinterest board, alongside the ambition and smarts to match – there really is nothing stopping this twenty-something-creative.
While studying law and communications, Sophia let her creative flair fly under the guise of her Instagram @Hatrikkk; a platform where her design projects and passions lived beyond the day to day readings, cases and complexities of her university degree.
Fast forward a few years and her side-hustle has now evolved into a full time day job – Hatrik House. Alongside a talented team of creatives, it’s here that she manages her own social media & content agency, developing thumb-stopping and head-turning content that is not only keeping up with, but outwitting, the changing nature of our social media saturated world. 
After catching up with Sophia to chat about how she built this incredible House of hers, it was definitely obvious that great things do come in threes.

Tell us how Hatrikkk all began, and what inspired its name?

I had just left school and I was studying Law at the time when I desperately needed a creative outlet. It wasn’t for the purpose of anything else other than to give me a platform to post my drawings, my outfits, travel pieces and things that inspired me. I remember at the start I was actually quite embarrassed by the whole thing and chose to keep it secret for a long time. The name came from the idea that I wanted it to symbolise ‘three of something’ so I changed the spelling of ‘hatrick’ to become ‘Hatrik’. It was one of the rare words that didn’t have a trademark, nor a business registered. So I took it!

Did you study a creative degree, or are you self-taught?

No I studied a combined degree of Law and Media & Communications at UTS. It took me 6 years to finish it but I got there. My whole family is super creative, we were taught to draw and create ideas from a really young age. I’m really thankful that my Mum and Dad pushed us in this way. I’m a huge believer that you aren’t born with a skill, it takes a lot of time, practice and patience.

Was there a lightbulb moment when you just knew that your blog could take off into becoming a fully-fledged business? Tell us more about your newest venture, Hatrik House.

Not at all, at the time of studying Law I wanted to be a criminal lawyer, I love cold cases and the drama that comes with that world. It wasn’t until I started creating ideas and branding for other people that my client base started to grow. People seem to think my business is based around being an ‘influencer’ but it has changed dramatically, we work for about 15 regular clients now and most of our time is spent on their branding and creatives rather than Hatrik’s own channels. Hatrik House was created to mark this transition, it sort of formalised everything I was doing with social media management and content creation.

Post it notes, I Cal’s or maybe you got hold of Hermione’s time turner? What’s your secret to managing such a diverse job title? What does a day in the life of Hatrikkk look like? 

I have become a professional multitasker, it’s not a matter of having one task to complete in a day, it’s more like 10 - 15. I have realised though, you’re only as strong as the rest of your team and this year I have spent a lot of time building an epic group of ladies who are just as important to my business as I am. In a nutshell: I wake up at 6am, have a coffee and do some emails, I then go to the office, we either have days of editing and client meetings or we are on location at different shoots and events. I usually leave work at 5pm but I don’t stop until later that night. As long as you have a phone in hand, you’re on the pulse.  It doesn’t really stop, it can’t.

What do you turn to for inspiration? Do you have any routines to maximise your creativity?

I am quite old school when it comes to this - a good Pinterest board, a tear from a print magazine or a conversation that I’ve had with someone.

What advice do you have for others wanting to start out a career as a freelancer in the creative world?  

Just START. I hear too often of people having great ideas or the aspiration to do something or change their career path but they never actually follow through. There’s no doubt that this world appears to be a lot more glamorous from the outside - I worked for free and didn’t start making money for nearly four years. It was purely a hobby that I loved so much and it kept growing into something I can now, thankfully, call a job. And once you start, don’t stop.

Both Hatrik House and your own personal Instagram, Hatrikkk are supercharged with creativity, colour and contagious quirk. Where do you see trends heading for social media content in the future? Any particular styles, customs or habits that you’re expecting?

 I think the audience and consumer behaviour is changing faster than the actual platforms themselves, which is a problem. The consumer is smart and informed, with about 1000000 bits of content available to them every day, so as a creative you need to stand out. There is no doubt that video is a growing trend over still photography, and more raw or casual footage of BTS rather than the crisply edited motion pieces are more relatable for audiences. It’s not enough these days to have the perfectly curated Instagram feed, it has to be backed up by a good product in real life.

Staying true to the Hatrikkk theme, what are your three favourite:

Items in your wardrobe right now.

My vintage cherry earrings, Acne Studios blazer (actually my sister Chesca’s) and my Skillings dresses! 

Instagram accounts that you follow for inspiration.

@manrepeller (always) @farrynheight (a bunch of creatives in NYC doing cool things) and @billie (I discovered this the other day and I like their aesthetic).

Apps that you can’t live without.

My Podcast Apps and Qantas Wellbeing because I have a constant steps challenge with my friend Alice! 

Follow Sophia on Instagram here.

Website: Hatrik House

Photography: Ben Murphy 

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