The Solo Quattro Collection: Interview with Alesandro Ljubicic

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From cinema, to cooking, to design, authenticity and attention to detail goes hand in hand with Italian craft. And this ethos is the inspiration behind out first collection made entirely in Italy featuring four distinct frames — Solo Quattro (or, just four). Manufactured by Barberini in Italy, our custom tinted glass sun lenses allow for the highest level of optical clarity. And as always, we’ve partnered with Mazzucchelli to produce acetate from their family-run Italian workshop. 

The Solo Quattro collection fuses different and diverse elements of acetate to create vibrant, almost kaleidoscopic layered colour. Experimental colour combinations and exaggerated shapes compliment intricate and embellished design to make this a truly unique handmade collection.

In light of this distinctive new range, we’ve teamed up with artists who use skilful, refined and classic approaches to their creative pursuits; combining innovation with tradition. Alesandro Ljubicic is a painter dedicated to his craft, an artist who applies finesse and skill to his expressive, accomplished work.

Alesandro Ljubicic’s immense textured canvases erupt with streaks and flecks of rich colour. He interprets nature with energy and passion, layering and blending paint to create highly tactile surfaces. Find out more about Alesandro as he lets us in on his stylish, creative world (and tells us where to get the best coffee in town).

What are three key ingredients you need to get you in a creative headspace?

Quiet space, phone turned off and great music.

Do you have any routines when making art?

I always painting in the evenings when everyone is front of the TV or sleeping. I feel in a way this is a mental advantage where I tell myself I am working hard whilst others sleep… telling myself that I will always be that step ahead.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone starting out in your field?

Make sure you do what you love, because there will always be days where you just don’t feel like getting out of bed.


Who are your top three favourite artists or artisans?

Monet, Vincent Van Gogh & Antony Micallef.

Does your focus on artistry and craftsmanship flow into other areas of your life?

Without a doubt. I started a company called The Sydney Art Store where I import, manufacture, wholesale and retail art materials which constantly keep me busy being creative in a whole new different way.

Leading on from that question, can you give us a tip for where to get the best quality...

Coffee: Romolo Cafe & Cafe Portman
Pizza: Da Mario Roseberry
Cocktail: Manly Pavilion
Outfit: Throwback Store for everyday gear & Mr A.Taylor for incredible suits with 124 shoes :-)

And finally, how long has to taken to feel like you have mastered your specific craft?. Do you feel like you have? Or is this is a constantly evolving goal?

I have been an artist for 11 years and still I feel like i have not mastered my specific art.  But then again isn’t that the beauty of it - as we constantly strive to master in what we do and as someone with constant dreams :-) I feel like I am always evolving which makes the journey ever more exciting.

Find out more about Alesandro at or follow him on Instagram at @alesandroljubicic

Photography: Chris Loutfy


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